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Solar PV- for the people of kenya - Clean Energy for all. Solar Computers to...

Lights & phone chargers - High quality longer lasting, long term maintenance & community training.


PSECC Headquarters UK - Portsmouth Sustainable Energy & Climate Change Centre - PSECC

Solar Kits for the people of Kenya - from 10W to 130W - pay monthly


iluminate Kenya


It’s not just Polar Bears at Risk & dying but Humans are dying too due to Climate Change.

“Resource Ownership” concept   - As Kenya develop Solar PV it is important that Districts development process are truly Sustainable. The “Resource Ownership” concept could enable long term Sustainable Energy for the Country and not just exploited by quick buck companies. - a concept developed by Alan.J.Brewer MSc. over 18 years of PSECC’s work - a concept whereby a Province or District can receive extra funding from Renewable Energy generation by owning such things as Solar Farms & Wind turbines. The revenue will come from the Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) paid per KW generated  $ millions..   GOVERNMENT OWN THE RESOURCES WITHIN YOUR BOUNDARY,  Kenyalight Projects Limited has been formed to enable this process and also the SPV company IEDL.can assist in raising all funding required for such development as Solar Farms and Wind Turbines to be owned by the Government. After Kenyalight Trial and phase one, two and three into phase four then any costs associated with building a Solar Farm or Wind Turbines are paid back from the FIT so there is no requirement for funding or cash outlay from Governments - PSECC, the parent company supply Energy Savings & Resource Ownership loans.....

The following districts are currently being looked at for the development of Solar Farms: